The reason you are on this website is that you don’t want to book a package deal for your next holiday – presumably you are looking for something a bit different, where you will be booking each component part separately.That’s why we’ve developed our travel resources section.   If you're anything like us, part of the fun of the holiday is in the booking - and knowing that you've been responsible for organising it!

Booking a holiday is lots of fun, and by booking everything separately you will often end up paying less than you would if you had booked through an agent, but you must remember to think of everything… are you getting to the airport?  If you are looking to park at the airport, there are a number of options open to you. Is your luggage insured?  Try Columbus Direct travel Insurance or Direct Travel Insurance for some excellent deals. Have you got a guidebook of the area? You bought very cheap flights, but have you got the actual tickets with you? Your hiking boots? Travel insurance? You can get very cheap travel insurance these days which covers all you will need (check the smallprint though!) Your foreign currency
See below for a list of things you might find useful to buy or look at before you travel. 

Depending on where you are flying to, you can find some excellent flight deals especially if you look at the budget airline websites.  However, it's also worth being aware that when it comes to the budget airlines, they're not always so 'budget' anymore.  These days the general rule of thumb seems to be that you get the best deals if you book a long way in advance.  Last minute flights are not such good value now - the airlines have realised that if you're desperate, you'll pay more!

You can often find interesting articles to read on the web about the places you are going to and the things you want to see.  For example, On the trail of aurora borealis give you a wonderful insight into the places you can go to see one of nature's most spectacular phenomena.

Click on the links below and you’ll be taken to a page listing some providers with a bit of information about each of them.