It is FANTASTIC the way the bookings are coming in.  Christina Shand, owner of Y Bwythn Bach, Wales

We are honoured to be asked to take part in such a fantastic website - so many wonderful places to visit and stay - it really is inspiring.  Kay Wyld, owner of Suffolk Yurt Holidays.

We are very very pleased with our Listing.   We think it looks smashing & are very excited about it.   We are looking forward to some new Bookings. Thank you for all your help.   It has been a delight communicating with you, unlike some bigshot websites, which I won’t mention.   We have really had enough of them.   You cannot beat the “Personal touch”, which you have.  Yvonne Kennard, owner of Finca Solana, Spain

I would say that you are REAL people behind the scenes and I feel I know and like you.  That is how I like to deal with my clients as well - so we are definitely on the same wave length.  Kirsty Pilcher, owner of El Tornero de Abajo, Andalucia

I would recommend that any property owner with a truly special home to rent should try a listing on One Off Places. I particularly like their selective approach when it comes to which properties they choose which distinguishes them from some of the larger rental sites.   I've enjoyed their enthusiastic and proactive approach and, most importantly, I've received several enquiries for our two properties in southern Spain. I also think the look of their website reflects the quality of the houses that are listed. Muchas gracias Olly & Tabitha!  Guy Hunter-Watts, owner of Dar Hajra & El Tejar, Andalucia

I have always been very impressed with the actual clear layout of your site and also the quality of the photos, excellent! The guests who come through One Off Places have been charming, and a great pleasure to welcome to La Forge.  Bridget Boelen, owner of La Forge, Normandy

I am going to book with you next year for a party of 12 in September (Spain) and four or five in April (Majorca) - the site is a phenomenal idea and the places are beautiful, and excellent value.  I think I'll return year after year for the French properties alone. Really love the site, and have recommended it to almost everyone I know who's looking for a holiday.  Chloe Hackett, Enquirer

In contrast to some of the larger, faceless, holiday rental websites, One Off Places has a soul and authenticity behind it, thanks to the boundless energy and enthusiasm of its dynamic founders.  It has been a complete pleasure doing business with Tabitha and Olly who work very hard at both promoting the site in the press, and making sure it performs well in the listings, as well as giving fantastic customer service. Many thanks to you both and all the team.   Clare Bernard, owner of Ty Bois & Lostmar'ch, Brittany

At the end of last month I stayed at Margaret's cottage in Portugal and must say it was one of the most relaxing and pleasant places I have stayed. I have travelled throughout the world extensively and found the cottage was clean, comfortable and had all the necessary items in place for a wonderful stay. I liked the fact that Margaret had got in some staple food items in ready so you could get straight into holiday mode. The accommodation was perfect, the pool had an awesome view over the valley and the location was quiet but it was easy to access the road network and discover a lesser know part of Portugal. All in all from site orientation, booking, access details, meeting the owners and the whole holiday was an absolute joy, just what was required by me and I am sure everyone.  Andy Nunwick, guest at Lagar Cottage, Northern Portugal