If you're after a city break or a romantic weekend away then why not treat yourself to something a little different. Find yourself in something a little one off? A penthouse suite perhaps? A rooftop hot tub? A bijou love nest.....?


Imagine yourself moored on a peaceful waterway amongst beautiful landscape - or perhaps you fancy a stay in a houseboat in the Caribbean or on a Dutch barge in Holland. Whatever the case, a boat holiday will certainly provide a one off holiday experience....


Forget fancy villas and infinity pools. They may be luxurious, but here at One Off Places our cabins are top of the must stay list. Interiors are usually beautiful but basic, but this is a real chance to be at one with nature, and forget about life's craziness......

Castle / Chateau

People often dream of a holiday in a castle - well, it's not as rare as you may think, or for that matter, as expensive. Get a large group of friends together and rent a castle for your next holiday - dinner in the banqueting hall anyone?

Chalet / Lodge

If you're into winter sports you'll know all about chalets and lodges - but ski chalets aren't the only places you can holiday in a chalet or lodge. Try a lodge in the mountains of Slovenia, or retreat to South America to a lodge in the Wildnerness - many an option!

Church Conversion

Just imagine - your next holiday could be in a converted church with an indoor pool and sauna....A strange thought, but why go with the norm, when you can find something really quirky for your next holiday rental!


A cottage holiday conjures up images of cosy evenings around log fires, bracing walks and pub lunches. Find yourself a cottage on One Off Places and enjoy holidays with friends and family at home and abroad, in the countryside or with an urban twist. The choice is yours!

Country House

Looking for a weekend break with a group of friends of family and need a house which can accommodate a large group? Then have a look at our collection of stunning country houses.

Eco Houses

If you want to holiday, but really don't want to leave a massive carbon footprint behind then have a look at our portfolio of eco-houses - every one of them an education and a lesson to us all in being green.....


A gateway to castles and manor houses, the gatehouse has played a crucial part in history. Often listed buildings, they invariably have some wonderful views, and are unique and romantic boltholes.


If you're looking for a big property to hire for a weekend or holiday with friends and family, then a stay in a hall is an excellent option. Spacious, well equipped, and steeped in history.

House / Villa

Next to all the rest of this you might think a holiday in a house or villa doesn't sound quite glam enough. Well think again. Once you've seen the One Off houses and villas we've got on offer, you'll have a wish list as long as your arm. However big, whereever in the world, whatever price....


A holiday in a lighthouse is the stuff of dreams - a fun, quirky and unique property, with a guarantee of sea views. It doesn't get much better than that. Find yourself a cosy lighthouse hideaway and enjoy a unique holiday.

Windmills / Millhouses

Olive mills, windmills, watermills, houses next to mills and houses in mills; so many mills that we've given them a category all of their own. Not only is it fun to stay in a windmill, but it's something to write home about!


It's a touch of the exotic without having to go too far. A holiday in Morocco is not complete without a stay in a traditional riad. With courtyard fountains, colourful interiors and often romantic roof terraces, it's definitely a chance to impress a loved one.

Tents, Tipis & Yurts

Otherwise known as glamping - all the fun of camping with none of the discomfort. Deciding to stay in a yurt or a tipi is a way of keeping your holiday costs down, getting back to nature, and wanting your holiday to go on forever...

Trains & Train Stations

It doesn't get much more one off than this. Have a holiday in a train, stay in a train station the children will love it, and of course often you'll have the public transport system on your doorstep. Staying in an old train station for your next holiday is definitely something to tell your friends about.


It's a child's dream; a holiday in a treehouse. Actually, it's most adults' dream as well, so take the kids and give it a go - mind you, no going back to your boring holiday apartments after you've had a holiday in a treehouse.....

Wagons & Caravans

Now this is how to holiday! If you're over glamping and want to think even more outside the box then a stay in a wagon or an old fashioned caravan could be the way forward and the kids will simply adore it. Or it's the chance to cosy up with your loved one without breaking the bank.