`I would also say that you are REAL people behind the scenes and I feel I know and like you.  That is how I like to deal with my clients as well - so we are definitely on the same wave length.`
Kirsty Pilcher, owner of Tornero de Abajo in Spain.

One Off Places does not advertise mass market resort villas and apartments.  At the same time, it is not only the windmills and converted monasteries we are after (although we love those!)  If you have a gorgeous little village house with a character of its own, in a special place, then we'd love that too - or a villa with a private pool and stunning views across the countryside....as long as it's got something about it, and shows itself to have character and individuality, then we'd love to include it in our portfolio.

Our research and experience shows that there are lots of people looking for more individual properties, but that the one off properties get drowned in the bigger websites where they make up such a tiny percentage of the total listings.  One Off Places is giving this niche market exactly what our customers are looking for – a range of properties of differing types and rental prices, but which all have some kind of distinctive quality to them. 

See below for a brief overview of what One Off Places can offer you, or click the links to get more details about why you should advertise us, what it costs, its features, benefits, and how we can help you to optimize your booking conversion rate.  You can register with us at any time (no time like the present!) and will be able to preview your online listing straight away.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple!  We advertise your properties on our website and via other marketing mediums.  When somebody visiting the site finds a property they are interested in, they complete an email enquiry form which is sent straight to you.  From then on you deal directly with the individual enquirer and, all being well, you convert their enquiry into a booking! By definition the enquiries you receive from this site will be very high quality.  One Off Places is targeting a niche sector – everyone who visits the website will be looking for a property with a one off quality such as yours.

How do we get the people to the One Off Places website in the first place?

Generating visitors (and the right kind of visitors) to our website is our primary business aim.  Our main marketing strategies will include:

  1. Search engine optimisation - we work alongside our search engine specialists to ensure that http://www.oneoffplaces.co.uk appears high up in the search engine listings for all the most relevant search terms.
  2. Online advertising – we place adverts on relevant websites and search engines to widen our reach.
  3. Database marketing – unless people opt out of receiving further information from us, everyone who enquires on our site will receive our regular newsletters.  Our research suggests that most of these people are likely to want to book the same kind of holiday each year – so if they stayed in a One Off Place last year, they are likely to want to stay in one this year as well!
  4. PR – with the combined travel and marketing experience of the founders, we have lots of contacts in the travel press and you’ll see us featured in relevant print and online publications regularly.  It goes without saying that due to the nature of One Off Places, it attracts a lot of interest from journalists who are always on the lookout for 'something different'.

Why should I advertise on One Off Places?

  1. We’ll generate high quality enquiries for you
  2. We are the only property lettings company which advertises solely individual or ‘one off’ places where the enquirer can book directly with the owner
  3. We offer an advertiser log in area where you can see all your enquiries and update your prices and availability regularly.
  4. www.oneoffplaces.co.uk is an attractive and user friendly website with an excellent advanced search facility allowing users to specify their requirements as much as they want.

Click here to see more detail on why you should advertise with One Off Places

How much does it cost and what do you get for your money?

One Off Places offers a choice of two payment models - a standard advertising package for an annual fee, with the renewal fee being payable annually, or a commission based model where you pay a percentage of the total booking cost for any bookings which come about as a result of a One Off Places enquiry.  All properties are listed in the search and destinations pages, as well as being indexed individually by the search engines.  The listing price includes images, full detailed text about the property and the surrounding areas, contact details, enquiry form and availability calendar.  You can also choose to pay a bit more to get homepage listing features, results features, newsletter features or to add more properties.

Click here to see more detail on costs and what’s included in the price.

Aside from the advert itself, all our advertisers also have access to their own personal login area where they can update their details and view their enquiries.

`We’re very happy to renew – we think you do a great job.`
Glyn Martin, owner of Seacombe in Devon