Houses, hotels and holidays in the United States

What better place to find yourself a holiday rental than a country which can offer you everything! With more than three million people, the USA is the third most populous country in the world. With 58 National Parks and hundreds of other forests and wilderness areas, for those who don’t want an archetypal city trip, there are endless possibilities. You can stay in a log cabin in Alaska, rent a lakeside house in the Great Lakes or a beachfront villa in Florida with a private swimming pool – whatever type of holiday rental you are looking for, there will be something to suit you.

Houses, hotels and holidays in Montana
Steaming hot springs, tumbling waterfalls, roaming bears and wolves, magical scenery, inimitable towns, spectacular ski resorts, cowboy culture and a love of the great outdoors. A holiday house in Montana gives you all this and much more.
Hotels, houses and accommodation in New York State
A holiday house in New York State offers everything you could possibly want from a vacation. Cocktails and canoeing, museums and mountains, bike riding and Broadway shows. You’ll never experience anywhere like it.
Houses, lodges and holidays in Washington State
If you’re thinking about a holiday rental in the USA then look no further than a holiday house in Washington. Breathtaking scenery, miscellaneous outdoor activities, buzzing cities and delicious home-grown food. What more could you want?

More about your United States holiday..

So, where to start? Why not head for San Francisco and the world famous Golden Gate Bridge? You can stay in a modern city apartment right in the city centre to get the best feel for this small city. Or how about a mini road trip from Key Largo to Key West in Florida, finishing up in your perfect holiday rental spot overlooking the sea? If you’re feeling really energetic, you could tackle part of the Appalachian way on foot – surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Or if you’re in search of the perfect idyll, perhaps for a honeymoon or for a holiday rental of pure relaxation, then go to Hawaii's Na Pali Coast, set amidst coral reefs and mist shrouded volcanic peaks. There are endless opportunities – once you’ve started exploring this fascinating country, you are sure to want to return to find a new holiday rental villa in every place you go!

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