Villas, resorts and holidays in Trinidad & Tobago

Although tourism is the mainstay of Tobago’s economy and the island is a favoured destination, especially with European tourists, you will not find the island swamped with visitors. In fact, there are many unspoilt parts of the island, so if you are seeking a private holiday rental, or somewhere a little bit different, then you are sure to find one. Trinidad is the bigger and more commercial island – much of the tourism is in Tobago. Just 11km off the Venezuelan coast, Trinidad and Tobago is made up not just of those two islands, but also 21 smaller islands. If you want to ensure dry weather for the period of your holiday rental, then go in the first half of the year (the dry season). However, the weather in the wet season is also fine most of the time – you just have to avoid the showers!

Villas, resorts and holidays in Tobago
Crystal clear Caribbean waters, palm trees bordering endless white sand beaches; holiday rentals on the island of Tobago will give you the taste of paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

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As far as things to do are concerned, you are not short of options. The best thing to do is find a suitable holiday rental – whether you want a beachside villa or a hilltop house – you are never too far away from the activity. Trinidad and Tobago has a thriving party and festival culture, so singing and dancing is never far away. A lot of the available holiday rental properties are on or near the beach – the sands are white, the water crystal clear, and the sailing, surfing and snorkelling opportunities are second to none. For those who love nature – the marine life is exquisite. Whatever you choose for your holiday rental in Trinidad and Tobago, you will not be disappointed.

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