Holidays and villas in Honduras

Taking a holiday in Honduras will give you something to talk about – it’s not exactly the Costa del Sol or Ibiza. However, if you’re after sun, sea and sand, as well as wildlife, sports, diving and activity, then you’ve come to the right place. Honduras is a small country in Central America and borders El Salvador and Guatemala to the north and Nicaragua to the South. If you’re interested in either nature or diving, then a holiday in Honduras is right for you, and despite the possible extra flight costs, you'll find it's good value for money once you're there. It is a relaxed country where you can while away the hours lounging on the beach leaving the culture vultures and activity enthusiasts in your group to explore the Mayan ruins and head for the surf. A holiday in Honduras will offer you the chance of a trip to the Jeannette Kawas national park – complete with howler monkeys galore, white sand beaches and fantastic snorkelling.

Villas, hotels and lodges in the Bay Islands
The Bay Islands are off the northern coast of Honduras – about a one hour ferry trip from the port of La Ceiba. A holiday in Honduras is simply not complete without a trip to these fabulous islands.

More about your Honduras holiday..

Further inland Honduras has a lake country, where the birdwatching is superb. First stop on your holiday in Honduras is likely to be the capital, Tegucigalpa. It’s a good starting point, as most sights can be reached within a day’s travel of the capital and the transport connections here are great. So depending on what you’re after for your holiday in Honduras, you could rent a villa or ecolodge near one of the national parks or reserves, or head for the coast, or the famous Bay Islands where you can wake up to the sound of the sea and jump straight into your diving gear. There are some excellent Mayan ruins at Copan – located in a tropical forest which makes the site even more magical. And the Caribbean coast is a great draw for those who want to really chill out on holiday in Honduras – reggae and rum! And a private villa with a swimming pool maybe?!

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