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If you’re looking for the South Pacific’s best kept secret, then a holiday in Vanuatu just might be it. This volcanic archipelago sits somewhere between Australia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands, and you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere more exotic and remote. If you’re looking for magic and romance, then a holiday in Vanuatu is idyllic; and the best thing is that it’s only a 3 hour flight from Sydney. For a start, the landscape is stunning - tropical jungles roll down to white sand beaches to create a picture-perfect backdrop. Forest-covered volcanoes soar high into the air above you, rainbows of fish swim beneath you, and you will find yourself surrounded by traditional cultures and groups of people who have lived here for thousands of years. A holiday in Vanuatu offers all this and much more. The scuba diving here is quite literally out of this world. The caves, tunnels and coral reefs create a true underwater paradise, or you could explore the famous shipwreck of the SS President Coolidge, which provides the largest wreck dive in the world.

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Lie on warm, white sands, experience the Pentecost land dive, explore underwater reefs and immerse yourself in ancient cultures. A holiday in Vanuatu is a feast for the senses.

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Offshore you can enjoy plenty of other water sports, from kayaking to fishing, and on land you can play a round of golf or take part in an off-road adventure. Espiritu Santo, the largest of the islands, is a top spot for a holiday in Vanuatu – you can swim, snorkel and stroll around colourful markets. Alternatively, head for Tanna, where you will discover local ceremonies and visit waterfalls. Watch the renowned land-diving ritual on Pentecost Island or take a guided bush walk on Malekula. Untouched and unspoilt, this ancient archipelago is a truly enchanting destination. A holiday in Vanuatu is the experience of a lifetime.

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