Villas, holiday houses and places to stay in Australia

If you’re after a holiday house in Australia then you need to have an idea what you’re after, as the choice is endless. If you can afford to take a few weeks on holiday in Oz, then even better – then you can pick two or three different holiday houses in Australia, and spent a week in each! It’s impossible to describe in a single paragraph what’s on offer in this enormous and diverse country – from the culture rich cities of Melbourne and Sydney, to the real Australian outback, and all points in between. Your holiday house in Australia might be a penthouse apartment with a rooftop garden overlooking the Sydney opera house. It might be a beach hut in the Whitsunday islands. Or a yacht in the Whitsunday islands for that matter? Or maybe you want your holiday house in Australia to be on the edge of the desert near the world famous Uluru, where you can experience ancient Aboriginal cultures and traditions.

Villas, hotels and accommodation in New South Wales
New South Wales – not only does it house the majority of Australia’s population, but it houses the majority of activities for the adrenaline junkies as well. With city culture, rivers, mountains and rainforests, you can’t go wrong with holiday accommodation in New South Wales.
Hotels, villas and holidays in Queensland
It is impossible to quantify the enormity and magnificence of a holiday in Queensland. From beaches, reefs and rainforests to vibrant cities and historic cultures, there would never be enough time to discover everything this superb region has to offer.
Villas, hotels and bush camps in Western Australia
Find a holiday house in Western Australia to discover your own unique holiday experience in the country’s largest State. With an area of 2.5 million square kilometres and a vast Indian Ocean lined coastline, Western Australia has much to be explored.

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For some, a holiday house in Australia is not what they’re after, as there’s huge opportunity for going ‘walkabout’, crossing national parks, trekking rainforest, biking up mountains, camping all the way. Beachlife is a part of the culture along the coast – finding a unique places to stay in Australia and New Zealand near a beach will give you a chance to live life like a real Aussie – bbq’s and cricket on the beach, and cold beers on the terrace. Whatever you choose, holiday rentals abound in Australia, and you are bound to find what you’re looking, whatever your holiday needs.

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