Houses, lodges and holidays in Sweden

A holiday house in Sweden is an underrated choice for a vacation but this is a beautiful and memorable country with a huge amount to offer its visitors all year round. Stockholm, the capital, is a vibrant international city with a buzzing culture and music scene, a fantastic selection of shops and restaurants, and the kind of stunning natural beauty that most big cities can only dream of. Whether you’re touring the palaces of the royal family or exploring the vast Stockholm Archipelago, a cluster of more than 24,000 islands, this region would be an unforgettable choice for a holiday house in Sweden. If you want to stay in the urban centres, Gothenburg, the country’s second largest city, is another great choice. With several Michelin starred restaurants, the massive Liseberg amusement park and access to the Western Archipelago, this is a place which is just growing and growing in reputation.

Houses, hotels and holidays in the Stockholm Archipelago
One of the best things about Stockholm is its proximity to the water and this is nowhere more evident than around the archipelago. Diverse and magnificent, this is the perfect location for a holiday house in Sweden.
Cottages, lodges and holidays in Swedish Lapland
A stay in Swedish Lapland is an enchanting and remarkable experience, whether you’re hiking through the dramatic landscape or visiting one of the many World Heritage Sites. Make a holiday house in Sweden your next destination.

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For many, however, a holiday house in Sweden conjures up images of forests and mountains, meadows and glaciers. If this is what you’re looking for, then head for the North, where you will find vast pine forests, sprawling national parks and beautiful coastline, not to mention wonderful ski runs and hiking trails. This area is also home to Swedish Lapland and if you want your holiday house in Sweden to have wilderness and wildlife, World Heritage Sites and Northern Lights, this is the region for you. Alternatively, head to the south of the country and you will find lovely seaside, the cosmopolitan city of Malmo (seen by many as the gateway to Continental Europe) and rich farming landscapes. Whether you’re exploring historic castles, taking a ferry around the islands or sampling the country’s delicious gastronomy, a holiday house in Sweden offers you a truly varied and awe-inspiring experience.

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