Villas, cottages, fincas and cortijos in Spain

With more than 50 million foreigners visiting Spain every year, many in search of their perfect villa in Spain, it is clear that this country has something to offer. Although geared up for tourism in many parts, it is also a land of hidden corners, and if you’re looking for a villa in Spain with a difference, far from the madding crowds, then you have come to the right place. From rural farmhouses and fincas with private swimming pools, to modern apartments in the cities and beachfront villas where you can soak up the sun, your choice of villa in Spain is vast in this country.

Houses, villas, hotels and holidays in Andalucia
A holiday villa in Andalucia is a holiday on one of Spain's most beautiful regions – whether you want to soak up the rich history and traditions of the region or are simply looking for a little bit of sun, Andalucia is your answer.
Cottages, houses and holidays in Aragon
Aragon is where you go if you’re in search of untouched Spain. With no coastline to tempt hordes of sun seekers, here you can find secluded holiday rentals and glorious landscapes, and get to keep them all to yourself.
Cottages, farmhouses and holidays in Asturias
Situated on the Spanish north coast facing the Cantabrian Sea, a holiday in Asturias is best known for the Picos de Europa National Park but also offers the visitor much more, from rugged coastlines to fascinating architecture and culture.
Houses, farmhouses and apartments in Cantabria
Cantabria is Spain’s northern gem. With hundreds of villas in Cantabria to choose from, be it mountain location or a spot by the sea, you won’t find a better place to relax and enjoy the real Spanish experience.
Cottages, houses and holidays in Catalonia
Home to the delightful city of Barcelona, with sandy beaches and high mountain ranges, thisis the perfect holiday rentals destination for those in search of a relaxing and family friendly holiday in a villa in Catalonia.
Villas, houses and hotels in Costa Blanca - Valencia
Enjoying more than 315 days of sunshine every year it doesn’t take a genius to work out why the Costa Blanca is such a popular holiday rentals destination. But aside from the endless beaches and tourist spots, there’s a lot else on offer.
Villas, houses and holidays in Costa Calida - Murcia
If you want a holiday villa in Spain away from the crowds, and teeming with history, wildlife and archaeology, not to mention quiet beaches and excellent diving opportunities, Costa Calida is the place for you.
Cottages, villas, houses and hotels in Extremadura
Brimming with wildlife, abundant in history and culture and totally unspoilt by modern constructions, Extremadura is the perfect place for holiday rentals off the beaten track.
Houses, villas and holidays in Galicia
Look beyond southern Spain and take a holiday in Galicia for a self catering paradise with all the extras. Enjoy the Atlantic, the views, the rivers and the seafood- away from crowds of other holidaymakers.

More about your Spain holiday..

Andalucia (southern Spain) is one of the best known parts – it is home to the world famous Alhambra and the beautiful towns of Seville, Granada and Cordoba to name just a few. If you can spare two weeks, why not find two different self catering holiday rental properties and spend one week in each discovering what these fascinating regions have to offer? Perhaps one on the coast and one inland? That way you can do your exploring as well as your R&R with a different villa in Andalucia for each! The East Coast of Spain – Valencia, Alicante and Murcia is well known for its magnificent beaches. Central Spain – Castilla Leon and Castilla La Mancha are real hidden gems – rural Spanish life goes on here untouched by tourism – if you want a villa in Spain which is totally secluded from the crowds of tourists, then you’ll certainly find it here. A holiday in Northern Spain, in the likes of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria is well known as an exceptional part of the country for walking and hiking, most especially in the famous Picos de Europa mountain range. Again, for a villa in Spain in a hideaway place – a house in the mountains or a hut in the woods, the choice is yours.

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