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Latvia, beautiful and historic in equal measure, is a land of unspoilt beauty just waiting to be discovered. Forget the usual tourist trails and hotspots of Europe; if you want to experience somewhere unique and special then a holiday in Latvia is the answer. The capital city, Riga, has recently been declared the European Culture Capital for 2014 and an accolade like this should not be ignored. At the heart of the city is the Old Town, rich in Art Nouveau architecture and buzzing with cafes and culture. If you come for a holiday in Latvia you cannot miss the festivities of Riga, not to mention the churches and its Dome Cathedral. But there are many other towns worthy of note – Jurmala the resort town and Cesis with its magical medieval castle, to name but a few. Each of these towns, with their own art and atmosphere, would be a fascinating destination.

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From the coast to the nature reserves, the castles to the waterfalls, the museums to the watchtowers dotted around the landscape, a holiday in Latvia guarantees you the experience of a lifetime.

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One of the best things about Latvia is that you can experience not only city life but also beaches, nature reserves, castle ruins and waterfalls. A holiday in Latvia provides plenty to see and do, from the spectacular Rundale Palace and Museum to the Turaida Museum Reserve and the Gauja National Park, which houses the delightful Ligatne Nature Trails. Not far from the charm of the countryside is the stunning Baltic Coast. A holiday in Latvia would not be complete without a visit to some of the 500 kilometres of beach, dotted with ports, resorts and fishing villages. This diverse coast, with its lighthouses and maritime museums, is unmissable. From hiking in the countryside to rafting down one of the country’s 777 rivers, Latvia is a prime setting to enjoy the great outdoors but one thing is certain – inside or out, a holiday in Latvia will provide you with sights and experiences you will never forget. A beautiful Baltic coastline, a diversity of outdoor pursuits, distinctive history and architecture, sensational culture and spectacular natural beauty. You can get all this and more on a weekend in Latvia. Historic and beautiful in equal measure, Latvia is a land of unspoilt beauty just waiting to be discovered. Forget all the usual hotspots and tourist trails of Europe; if you want to experience somewhere a bit different then rent an apartment in Latvia. Unspoilt by relentless tourism that has battered so many of the beautiful European countries, people who take an apartment in Latvia can experience fantastic history and culture, breath-taking natural landscapes, stunning architecture from all different origins and periods, and a 500km coastline full ports, beaches and fishing villages. There are very few places in the world where you can enjoy so much variety within such a small space of time and geography. And because it’s small, just a single weekend in Latvia is enough to get a true taste of what it’s got to offer.

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