Villas, apartments and places to stay in Italy

Italy is one of the world’s most popular tourist and holiday rental destinations, and with good reason. Taking a villa in Italy is a choice thousands of people make every year. Italy epitomises what we all want from a holiday, while exuding style and culture. It combines breathtaking landscapes and turquoise sands with history, art and contemporary fashion. Some of Italy’s coastlines are home to Europe’s most beautiful stretches of sun, sea and sand while the snow-covered slopes of the mountains are popular with winter sports enthusiasts. For those who want to find a villa in Italy in a city, a chic apartment in the renowned cities of Venice, Florence, Naples or Siena will give you a real taste of Italian city life. Here you can bear witness to the county’s extraordinary cultural heritage, with original work of artists such as Fra Angelico, Raphael, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, whose works take pride of place in Italy's well known galleries.

Houses, villas and holidays in Abruzzo
Fifty miles east of Rome you can find Italy’s best kept secret. From the towering Appenine mountains to the Adriatic coast, the region of Abruzzo is full of charming villas and holiday rentals from which you’ll be able to explore this fascinating part of the world.
Houses, villas and holidays in Friuli
From skiing in the northern Alpine area, to relaxing on a beach on the Adriatic, renting a holiday villa in Friuli will be sure to please any traveller visiting this picturesque north-eastern region of Italy.
Villas, houses and apartments in Lazio
Italy’s most populous region and home to its capital - Rome - you'll be spoilt for choice if you want an apartment or villa in Lazio. Here you can step back in time and discover a place overflowing with the richness of its past.
Houses, farmhouses, villas and holidays in Le Marche
One of Italy’s most unspoilt regions, Le Marche has everything to offer the discerning tourist. Your villa in Le Marche can be found along the coast or in the villages that dot the Apennine mountains. Whatever your preference, visiting Le Marche is an opportunity to see the ‘real’ Italy.
Houses, farmhouses and apartments in Liguria
Liguria may be small but it has a lot to offer! Whether you want the excitement of a busy seaside port or the magic of a chocolate box hillside village, you will find an apartment or villa in Liguria to suit you.
Houses, apartments and hotels in Lombardy
One of Italy’s richest and most developed regions, Lombardy has much to offer those in search of a villa in Italy, from its famous lakes and mountains to awe-inspiring and historic urban centres.
Villas, hotels and accommodation in Piedmont
If you want the charm of Italy with a flavour of France, a villa in Piedmont is for you. Breathtaking Alpine landscapes give way to chic, historic towns in the one-time capital of the country.
Villas, houses, apartments and trulli in Puglia
Nestled in the ‘heel’ of Italy, Puglia has a lot to offer. With great choice for your villa in Puglia, you can find yourself a secluded spot to escape from it all and sample the real flavours of Italy.
Villas, apartments and holidays in Sardinia
The Italian island of Sardinia offers to the holiday rentals market an exotic mix of magical beaches and picturesque towns. Take a villa in Sardinia and relax by the warm Mediterranean waters or explore the hidden depths of the island’s interior.
Houses, villas and hotels in Sicily
This rugged and attractive island at the southern tip of Italy is teeming with fascinating places to stay and things to do, and is the perfect destination for those in search of a Sicily villa.
Villas, farmhouses, cottages and accommodation in Tuscany
Tuscany could well be described as Italy’s most picturesque region. A villa in Tuscany gives you a chance to stay in beautiful hillside towns, seaside villages and some of the best wines the country has to offer.
Villas, houses and holidays in Umbria
Picturesque Umbria could be described as the green heart of Italy and a villa in Umbria gives you access to a lush, largely unspoiled area providing perfect ‘get away from it all’ holiday rentals.
Apartments, holidays and accommodation in Veneto
Venice, Verona, Padua: a holiday villa in Veneto will see you surrounded by some of Italy’s finest gems. Wander through olive groves, speed down flawless ski slopes, or admire breathtaking frescoes just a stone's throw from your apartment in Venice - a wonderful and vibrant region.

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Alternatively, find yourself a town house or villa in Italy for a holiday rental and stay in one of the medieval hill towns where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the cities while still experiencing the local livelihoods and activities. If you want to escape the real world completely, your holiday villa in Italy options take you to the countryside, where you can stay in farmhouses, converted windmills and monasteries, and while away your days marvelling at the views, taking a dip in your private swimming pool, and forgetting about the stresses of life. Somehow Italy seems to provide you with everything; holiday rental opportunities abound; after that first visit you will just keep on coming back to your chosen villa in Italy.

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