Cosy cottages and unique places to stay in Ireland

Once you have visited Ireland, it is certainly true that a part of you will never leave. What it lacks in size it makes up for in variety, and what it lacks in good weather is compensated by the time spent indoors, and the socialising that comes with it! The rainfall also benefits the countryside and leaves everything coloured vividly green which in turn makes the cottages, settlements and coastal cliffs stand out. But don't be surprised if you get lots of sunshine too - it's not just a land of rainy weather! Time spent in a holiday house in Ireland offers the chance of being a part of the local landscape, and an invitation into the local customs, events and parties that seem to occur nearly every day. If you choose to spend your time in a holiday cottage in Ireland in Galway on the rugged Atlantic coast you will find a fast-growing cultural side, as well as throwbacks to past times through ruined castles and the Aran islands off the coast. A holiday house in Ireland (or apartment) in Connemara will lead you to a peninsula bounded on 3 sides by the Atlantic – rugged and weatherbeaten but still a haven for outdoor sports and exploration.

Houses, cottages and holidays in Cork
County Cork is Ireland's largest county and has a wealth of holiday rentals to offer the visitor. It is in an excellent location for your stay in Ireland as the prime tourist attractions of the Lakes of Killarney and Blarney Castle are all nearby.
Cottages, houses and holidays in County Meath
Meath is Ireland’s ‘Royal County’ – the seat of the high kings until the 6th century. For its history alone, it is worth a visit. But a holiday house in County Meath will also give you access to some top golf courses, superb fishing, numerous castles and beautiful landscapes.
Cottages, houses and holidays in Donegal
Discover the dramatic scenery of this remote corner of Ireland. Rugged mountains, deserted white-sand beaches, fantastic seafood and cozy country pubs – a holiday house in Donegal provides the perfect escape.
Houses, cottages and lodges in Galway and County Clare
Making up a good proportion of the central west coast of Ireland, County Galway and County Clare have a huge amount to offer the visitor, from superb scenery and rugged mountains to ancient towns and lively nightlife. Holiday rentals here can offer you a bit of everything!
Houses, cottages, lodges and apartments in Kerry
Remote beaches, World Heritage monuments, diverse wildlife, gorgeous lakes, spectacular mountains, beautiful walking and driving routes, angling, golfing, and excellent pubs and restaurants. How many more reasons do you need to visit Kerry?
Houses, cottages and holidays in Mayo
A holiday house in Ireland, especially here in the sparsely populated county of Mayo, is the perfect tonic for anyone who wants to escape their hectic lifestyles. Here in Mayo the pace of life is slow, and the countryside often remote.
Houses, holidays and accommodation in Waterford
With medieval monuments and bustling towns alongside rugged mountains and beautiful coastline, it is easy to see why Waterford is such a popular destination for a holiday in Ireland.
Houses, cottages and holidays in Wexford
With its breath-taking coastline, historic houses, thriving gardens and extensive cultural and culinary heritage, Wexford is the ultimate destination for a holiday in Ireland.

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County Cork on the south side offers a more cosmopolitan environment – taking a holiday house in Ireland here would allow time for sightseeing and eating out in between the culture and the arts on display in the many galleries and displays. This is also the home of the blarney stone at Blarney Castle – kissing it is said to bestow eloquence on anyone. The position required to be in to kiss it is not for the inflexible or the faint-hearted, however! Finally, Dublin is the international hub for the country and as such you can guarantee you will find anything you need here for the perfect Irish accommodation. Wherever you go, you will be stunned by the landscape, astounded by the activities on offer and welcomed with open arms. Whatever else – you can guarantee that you won’t want to leave your holiday house in Ireland and that you'll come back time and again.

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