Distinctive places to stay in Germany

Germany is an extremely popular tourist destination and if you’re looking for culture, history and beautiful landscapes then a holiday house in Germany is the perfect choice. There are so many places to explore that it would take months to see them all but whichever region you choose there is sure to be a fascinating story behind it and eye-catching scenery surrounding it. And all of this within such easy reach! If you decide to look for a holiday house in Germany but don’t know where to start, an ideal first stop might be Munich. It has all the trappings of a modern city – museums, galleries and a nightlife to write home about (try the famous and hugely popular Oktoberfest!) – but it is also friendly and accessible. An advantage of a Munich-based holiday house in Germany is that it is an excellent site from which to explore other things.

Houses, cottages and apartments in Bavaria
From historic architecture to folk music and world heritage sites to big cities, this area has an infectious atmosphere. Naturally beautiful and peppered with wonderful sights, a holiday house in Bavaria is an idyllic location for a real break.

More about your Germany holiday..

One of these must-see attractions is the Romantic Road which connects Wurzburg and Fussen. If you want a taste of idyllic and historic countryside then why not choose one of the towns along the Romantic Road for your holiday house in Germany? There is plenty of choice, and towns like Rothenburg and Augsburg have breathtaking Medieval and Roman architecture and museums. Neuschwanstein Castle is also in the area and is not to be missed. The Rhine Valley would be another ideal destination for a holiday house in Germany. A beautiful setting, a welcoming atmosphere and lots of good food and wine – what more could you want? Berlin is another classic choice and is steeped in history, and if you’re a real castle buff then meander your way along The Castle Road which has more than 70 castles lining it. Wherever you go for your holiday house in Germany it will be a captivating and magical holiday.

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