Villas and holiday rentals in the Balearic Islands

The Balearic islands comprise four very different isles situated off the coast of Spain. Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza have all been established as desirable destinations for some time now, and with a vast choice for your holiday house or villa in the Balearic Islands there is something for everyone to enjoy. Activities available on the islands are plentiful with particular emphasis on exploration (even mountaineering on Mallorca), sport (both land and sea varieties) and also investigation of history and artworks. Taking each island individually, Ibiza is probably the best known as one of the world's major party destinations, but is also has another more mellow side to it found in the north of the island. Visitors who choose to stay in a villa in the Balearic Islands in the north of the island are looking for, and finding,a slower pace of life among the citrus groves as well as a chance to really become involved in local life with street markets, festivals and other events alongside the local inhabitants. Holidaymakers coming to Mallorca should take advantage of the buoyant holiday rentals market to spend time on the west of the island - away from the packaged hordes on the east. Staying in a villa in the Balearic Islands away from the east you can explore the mountains and the little coves as well as any number of villages and towns which always reward further investigation - Mallorca is certainly an island that can offer people the broadest range of experience in the Balearics.

Villas, hotels and apartments in Ibiza
If you want a destination with something to suit everyone, choose a holiday villa in Ibiza. Beautiful Mediterranean beaches, enchanting almond groves, glimpses of Spanish history and 24 hour parties. What more could you want?
Villas, apartments, hotels and accommodation in Mallorca
The largest and most popular of the three Balearic Islands, you may be surprised to learn that there are still some undiscovered areas on Mallorca – go to the right places and you’ll still be able to find a characterful Mallorca villa.
Villas, apartments and guesthouses in Menorca
Picture postcard coves, low key development and dramatic scenery – just some of what you can find in Menorca, the second largest of the Balearic Islands, perfect for a secluded holiday rental.

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Sitting on your balcony with a sundowner is always a highlight of a villa holiday - and visiting the smaller island of Menorca will allow you ample time for that. A visit to a more remote villa in the Balearic Islands allows you the opportunity of seeing the most unspoilt and relaxed of the Balearics, and provides numerous opportunities for sampling the world-renowned seafood at any of the restaurants that are dotted about this gentle isle. Finally, Formentera is around an hour or so on the ferry from Ibiza town, and unsurprisingly has become known as one of the best kept secrets in the Med. There is a huge range of holiday rental accommodation there, and visitors will delight in its rugged landscape, the crystal clear waters and the numerous hidden coves and bays. Here you can find private villas with pools hidden away at the end of farm tracks. All in all, the Balearic islands really does have something for every age and every taste.

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