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The whole of Southeast Asia is a diverse melting pot of cultures and landscapes, and Malaysia is no exception. If you want to travel somewhere that has skyscrapers as well as beaches, and rainforests as well as islands, then a holiday in Malaysia is the perfect choice. The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is an exciting place to start. Take in the view from the soaring Petronas Towers, wander around the bustling markets of China Town and enjoy the backdrop of the colonial buildings in Merdeka Square. Explore the nearby Batu Caves during the day then head for the famous Golden Triangle district for a night out. If you want your holiday in Malaysia to be more relaxed, head for the islands. You could discover the Langkawi archipelago, which is as close to a tropical paradise as you are likely to get. White sandy beaches, rice paddies, golf courses and hidden caves and waterfalls – what better setting could there be for a holiday in Malaysia?

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Heavenly beaches, tropical rainforests, tea plantations, colonial architecture, history and culture, shopping and sightseeing, mouth-watering food - there aren’t many things that a holiday in Malaysia can’t provide.

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Alternatively you could aim for the Pangkor Islands, an unspoilt haven of coral reefs and lush jungle, or for the beautiful Perhentian Islands, which offer excellent snorkelling and relaxed seafood restaurants. If your idea of a holiday in Malaysia is less lying around and more adventuring, then look no further than the Cameron Highlands. Here in the untouched mountain landscape you will find waterfalls, hill stations and remote tribal villages and the whole region is criss-crossed with picturesque walking trails. Or you could delve into the dense rainforests of the Taman Negara National Park, where the scenery is unforgettable and the wildlife abundant. Whichever area you pick for your holiday in Malaysia, everything here conspires to give you a holiday you will never forget.

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