Riads, villas and kasbahs in Morocco

If you’re seeking a taste of the exotic not too far from home, then a hotel or riad in Morocco is the perfect place. You can choose from a variety of self catering holiday rental properties here – from old fashioned riads in the old cities, to beachfront houses by the coast and mountain hideaways. You can escape the crowds, or choose to be a part of them. The likes of Marrakech and Fez have increased in popularity in recent years. In amongst the minarets and donkey carts, and through the narrow streets, you’ll find your perfect riad in Morocco tucked away, a peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of life within the old city walls. In these cities you can savour Morocco’s world renowned cuisine, bargain in the souks and relax in the local hammams (steam baths). Many of the riads rent by the room, but if you want exclusive use of your Moroccan hideaway, then you will be able to find that too.

Houses, villas and riads in Agadir-Ouarzazate
If you want to stay in a riad in Morocco and don’t know where to start, then try the region of Agadir-Ouarzazate. Right in the middle of Morocco, this region has a bit of everything, from beach lounging to mountains and desert.
Villas, riads and hotels in Marrakech-Essaouira
A riad in Morocco - in the exotic and magical Marrakech and the delightful and quieter coastal town of Essaouira offer you a compelling insight into ancient Arabic customs and modern Moroccan industry. Places which will delight the senses.
Riads, villas and hotels in Northern Morocco
A riad in Morocco, particularly in a well chosen town of Northern Morocco, will give you an extraordinary insight into this part of North Africa; a region which is on the cusp of becoming a more mainstream tourist destination, yet is steeped in centuries old history and culture.
Riads, kasbahs and holidays in the Sahara Desert
The Sahara is the world’s largest desert stretching across much of North Africa. A trip into the desert and a night under the African skies is unforgettable. Leave your comfortable riad in Morocco, even if just for one night, to experience the beauty of this majestic desert.

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If you’re after a riad in Morocco which is on the coast, then there’s over 1500km of Mediterranean coastline to choose from. Renting a villa or house on the coast gives you the chance to explore the fishing villages, and try your hand at the variety of watersports on offer. For the more active, the Atlas mountains have stunning trekking opportunities – mountain panoramas and hillsides dotted with traditional Berber villages. A holiday house in the mountains can give you a real feel for rural life. Further south, the Sahara desert stretches out before you, joining Morocco with sub-saharan Africa. You can go desert driving or camel trekking and camp out under the African stars to experience the desert silences. Finding a riad in Morocco is a must – you’ll never forget it.

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